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Member Benefits Australia (MBA) provides a specialised product and services access portal for professional associations throughout Australia.

With over 20 years of experience working with large professional associations and suppliers alike, MBA understands the specific needs of association members and brands.


MBA comes to these associations as a trusted advisor and as such an introduction to an association via MBA is one that is valued and treated with respect.

Because of this MBA has to ensure that suppliers wishing to join the MBA network can offer association members opportunities not normally available to individuals.


MBA remains independent, offering every supplier who wishes to join the network access to the ever growing number of members, via a number of direct marketing initiatives.

With over 150,000 members and growing, Member Benefits Australia works with some of the largest Associations in Australia.

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Australian Bar Association

The Australian Bar Association is a relatively recent arrival compared to the Independent Bars of the eastern States of Australia.

It was not until a meeting in Brisbane on 27 July, 1962 that the following resolution was passed:


“At this meeting of representatives of the three separate Bar Associations of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland unanimously agree on behalf of their members to form an Australian Bar Association…”


On 24 January, 1963 the inaugural general meeting of the Association (at which approximately 100 members of the Bar and judges were present) was held in the Theatre Royal in Hobart, Tasmania. The Rt. Hon. Sir Owen Dixon, Chief Justice of Australia and The Hon. Sir Garfield Barwick QC (then Attorney-General of the Commonwealth) were present and spoke in support of the establishment of the Association.


The Association provides a common voice for members of the Independent Referral Bars from throughout Australia.


Since its establishment, the Association has strived to engender in its members a sense of pride to practise as a member of a profession that is proud of its independence, confident of the service it provides and aspiring to continual improvement in the skills and art that assist in the administration of justice and the maintenance of the rule of law.


Since its inception the Association has maintained and enhance its position as the peak body representing the interests of members of the Independent Referral Bars from throughout the various States and mainland Territories of the Commonwealth of Australia

Australian Dental Association

The Australian Dental Association is an organisation of dentists which has as its aim the encouragement of the health of the public and the promotion of the art and science of dentistry. There are Branches of the Association in all States and Territories. Membership is voluntary and over 90% of dentists in Australia are members. This membership implies an obligation for members to practise their profession in accordance with the high standards laid down by the Association.


• Maintain a national body representing organised dentistry in Australia; namely, the Federal Council of the Australian Dental Association and its Federal Executive.

 • Maintain a national headquarters for the Association.
 • Manage the Association's finances.
 • Determine policy, and generate expert advice through the Association's Committees.

 • Conduct seminars and workshops for policy generation.

 • Provide administrative support for the work of the Federal Council, Federal Executive and Committees.

 • Maintain a continuing communication with the membership.

 • Maintain the international relationships of the Australian dental profession.

 • Respond to enquiries by the general public and other organisations in Australia and overseas.

 • Maintain the records of Association activities and history.

Optometrists Association Australia

Optometrists Association Australia is the peak professional body for Australian optometrists. The Association represents over 4000 members (93% of optometrists registered with the Optometry Board of Australia).


The Association (formerly the Australian Optometrical Association), was formed as a national body in 1918. 
The Association is committed to assisting optometrists deliver quality eye and vision care services across Australia.


The Association also aims to effectively lead the profession, ensuring that optometry evolves as a respected and satisfying profession.


Services and resources provided by the Association include:


Representation of optometrists and their interests to government and other bodies;

development and sharing of information regarding vision standards;

Medicare guidelines;

practice management;

financial, marketing and legal services; and

information and services to the public.

The Association is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of six state divisions, a national office and a National Board which acts as the Association’s governing body.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is the peak body representing the interests of Australian physiotherapists and their patients.


The APA is a national organisation with non-autonomous state and territory branches and specialty subgroups. The APA corporate structure is one of a company limited by guarantee.

The organisation has more than 20000 members and over 300 members in volunteer positions on committees or working parties.

The APA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by representatives of all stakeholder groups within the Association.

The APA is committed to the concept of continuing professional education.


The APA offers members advanced training and the possibility of collegial support from physiotherapists working in a similar area through its 14 national groups.


The APA signifies a standard of professional and ethical behaviour over and above the requirements of registration. The APA has developed a strategic plan to steer its direction over the next few years.


The plan is strongly focused on providing opportunities for members through professional excellence and career success.

The APA is a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

The Australasian Podiatry Council

The Australasian Podiatry Council is responsible for the preparation of national policies and clinical practice, representation of podiatry in Australia to government and industry bodies, research within the discipline and support for continuing professional development.


The Council also manages the following:

Preparation of national policies and clinical practice guidelines for the profession.

Publishing and distributing a bi-monthly magazine.

Production of other specialist publications including the Infection Control Guidelines and the Australian Podiatry Manual.

Public relations programs, including PR resources and media releases.


Liaising with federal government departments and lobbying as required on issues of concern to the profession.

Representation on industry bodies including Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA).

Organisation of a national scientific conference every two years and other specialist national seminars as required on topics such as practice management.

Assisting Member Associations with particular programs as required.


Research: Providing secretariat and fundraising support for the Australian Podiatry Education and Research Foundation (APERF)

Working with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to organise a regular labour force survey on a national basis and conducting practice fee and cost surveys

Australian Psychological Society

The APS is the leading organisation for psychologists in Australia, representing over 21,000 members, and is the largest of all non-medical health professionals organisations in Australia.


The APS strongly advocates for the discipline and profession of psychology, supports high standards for the profession, promotes psychological knowledge to enhance community wellbeing, and is dedicated to providing benefits to support members’ professional lives.


The functions of the APS are conducted through more than 200 active Member Groups within the Society. There are 40 APS Branches spread across Australia, nine APS Colleges representing specialty areas within the profession (clinical neuropsychology, clinical psychology, community psychology, counselling psychology, educational and developmental psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, organisational psychology and sport and exercise psychology), and 44 Interest Groups representing the wide range of special interests of the APS membership.

Queensland Law Society

Queensland Law Society provides a dynamic hub for Queensland’s legal community and seeks to engage actively with its members and the public to provide leadership, practical solutions and reliable support.


We represent and promote more than 8,500 legal professionals, increase community understanding of the law, help protect the rights of individuals and advise the community about the many benefits solicitors can provide.


Queensland Law Society assists legal practitioners to continually improve their services, while monitoring their practices to ensure they meet the high standards set for the profession in Queensland.


And we assist the public by advising government on improvements to laws affecting Queenslanders, and working to improve their access to the law.


We hold specific statutory responsibilities, including the issuing of practising certificates, maintaining solicitors’ records, regulating the operation of solicitors’ trust accounts and protecting the public.


Queensland Law Society is incorporated under the Legal Profession Act 2007, and is governed by a council elected by our members.

Sigma Pharmaceutical Group

Sigma is a leading full line wholesale and distribution business to pharmacy. It is also the owner of Australia’s best known pharmacy retail brands in Amcal Max, Amcal and Guardian.



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Why be a supplier?

Members of Professional Associations in Australia are a very good target audience because they are often:


·         Sole traders, small partnerships or SME’s

·         Usually high net worth individuals

·         Time poor


These professionals are often difficult to market to however with the introduction of the MBA Supplier HUB suppliers can market more cost effectively to Association Members thus reducing overall marketing costs.


MBA Suppliers offer Association Members products and services at prices significantly lower than members can access as individuals.

How it works – FOR SUPPLIERS

Members access these special member benefits via their association’s website which in turn provides a link into the MBA supplier portal. Access is password protected ensuring offers are only available to association members.


All suppliers are listed on the MBA portal with members able to easily navigate through the hundreds of offers available by category to access their product or service of choice.


MBA ensures that suppliers wishing to join the MBA network can offer goods and services to members of our Professional Associations at prices not normally available to individuals.

Why Professional Associations should engage MBA

Member Benefits Australia (MBA) has developed a unique supplier HUB that enables Professional Associations to provide increased benefits to their members.


Members can expect to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on the Big Ticket items such as motor vehicles, electrical appliances, travel, electricity and gas, insurance, finance and many more.


As an example, the unique MBA Car Assist program can save members up to $10,000 on a new car purchase by being able to access the Corporate and Fleet Programs of BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mini, VW, Holden, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai and many more.


These programs have not previously been available to Professional Association members but with the introduction of the MBA Supplier HUB most manufacturers have agreed to extend their Corporate & Fleet Programs to the MBA managed Professional Association members.

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